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Once one of the most Nature depleted places on earth, the UK has in recent decades places much effort on preserving what Nature it has left and recouping some of what it had lost!

Join us on this Wild escapade as we highlight UK’s Nature through Summaries, Audios, Videos, Photographs and Works of Art.

Nature Accommodations in the UK

Folks looking to escape to a locale imbued in Nature come to the World Wild Website ( for information. That is because the Accommodations referred to offer every conceivable Nature indulgence to visitors, from ambling the Countryside to mountaineering to reconnoitering ancient Woodlands to paddling long and wide Lakes to observing Wildlife in their true habitats to roaming isolated Islands.

UK Nature Paintings

Melding her own unique style, at times, with fauvism and impressionism, NATUSI O uses bold colours, strong contours and defined brushstrokes to paint UK’s Nature and Wildlife, from swatches of Woodlands to Coastal and Lake lands to Mammals (such as Deer, Scottish wildcat and Fell ponies) to Birds (including Robin, Great tit and Osprey).